We believe that each collection has a vital history to tell and should be displayed in a modern, beautifully-designed, and professional digital exhibition.

After years of building custom museum and library digital exhibitions, we’re releasing a platform that enables every archive to utilize the forefront of humanities technologies to publish their collections.

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Introduction What is Mused?

Your collections will never look more beautiful or professional in their digital guise: Mused is a platform for publishing heritage and museum artifacts in an award-winning design in order to bring their stories to life. Created by a non-profit of digital humanists and librarians with decades of experience in building library and museum technology, Mused intends for all institutions to have equal access to the exhibition tools and resources that currently only a few have.

Galleries and heritage sites during the CoVID-19 lockdown have been relying on virtual tours and digital exhibitions to reach their audiences and enable them to engage with their art from the safety of their own home, and Mused empowers these sites around the world to share their traditions and cultures safely until (and after) re-opening.

For more information about integrating a virtual tour with your digital exhibition, see our information about virtual tours and examples.

The Problem

For years, we’ve heard one major common problem from our partners at museums and libraries: “Our collection website is functional, but it doesn’t look professional--we don’t feel proud to show it to our donors and visitors.” We focused on solving this problem and similar ones around sharing metadata standards and providing access to IIIF image hosting, which many heritage sites and archives internationally still don’t have and could provide better access to low-bandwidth users around the globe. Finally, many heritage sites and museums requested better integrations with virtual classrooms such as Google Classroom and Nearpod in order to transform their collections into lesson topics and course materials.

This is our solution: a professional publishing solution for heritage sites and museums that empowers each collection to tell its story with leading technologies from some of the most well-funded institutions around the world. Mused enables site managers, curators, and conservators to easily publish their artifacts and create brilliant multimedia digital exhibitions that integrate with fascinating virtual tours. Mused integrates with digital classroom software to create partnerships between teachers and site managers to feature content in lesson plans and syllabi so that each heritage site and museum can make resources available to teachers around the world. Finally, and most importantly, Mused supports low-bandwidth network connections so that users without stable internet access can still learn and explore the stories published through Mused.

How to get started

To get started building a digital exhibition for your heritage site or museum on Mused, head to our Exhibition Create Page and drag-and-drop a set of images into the uploader form, then fill out a few details about your archive, and we’ll generate a website and database for you to start building your digital exhibition. In order to integrate a virtual tour if you don’t have one yet, give us a shout at hello@mused.org, and we can connect you with a local 3d scanning provider or other virtual tour solution.

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